UIFLOW problems after opening a project file

  • Hi,
    When I save my work to a file and come back the next day or even after a few hours and want to resume working I noticed the following (bugs I think) or at least I face the following problems:

    After loading/opening a saved project file:

    • MOST RECENT: all 'Start/Stop timer' blocks don't display the existing timers, jus the message 'Please create timer first...' although I tried to create a totally new timer yet the timer is not displayed in the drop-down list

    • When the file is finally open, all images are set back to default. I need to go and reselect images

    • Sometimes a lot of code blocks are missing!

    Currently I am working with v1.11.7 to program an M5stack Tough.

    I would appreciate any guidance you can offer.