How to erase and burn Firmware to the Card Computer.

  • I have tested and retested and this is the process I use for erasing and writing firmware to the CardComputer

    Step 1, Connect the card computer to a PC with a good know USBC data sync cable.
    Step 2, Open M5Burner,
    Step 3, Download latest UIFlow2 firmware,
    Step 4, Switch on the Card computer using the slide switch on the back.
    Step 5, Press and HOLD BTNGO.
    Step 6, press and release BTNRST,
    Step 7, Wait for the blue box to stop popping up with a port address/name number,
    Step 8, Only when the blue box stops flashing, immediately click on burn,
    Step 9 Chose the last port that appears in the blue box,
    Step 10, Hit Erase,
    Step 11 when the button turns green to say erase complete click it to return to the main screen and immediately hit the burn button again, pick the port again and then click burn,
    Step 12, when it say burn complete hard resetting and the button turns green click it to return to main screen.
    Step 13, press and release BTNRST on Card Computer and UIFlow2 will boot.