CoreS3 not working with UiFlow

  • This was my first day of developing with the cores3, which is also my first M5Stack product, and I wish I'd found this post right at the beginning and saved myself a huge amount of wasted time.

    I assumed I was an idiot and did not know how to use UIFlow 2.0. Turns out it was was a server issue all along. The error messaging needs to be improved so first-timers know if they are doing something wrong or there are server issues.

  • @ajb2k3 May I politely suggest you relocate your servers somewhere outside the great firewall perhaps? Or run servers in different locations so people have a choice?

  • There is, I think, an option to choose a server in singapore, instead of china, during configuration. Ive never used it. There are only two choices listed, as far as I remember.

  • @davetshave I have been fighting with M5Stack for that for years but also pushing for private local servers on private devices. There is light at the end of the tunnel in that a device may be coming which will host a private offline server

  • @mtylerjr thanks, I will look out for that option in future!

  • @ajb2k3 Thanks for fighting the good fight! With the crazy geopolitics we have these days, relying on a connection to a server in China to program your microcontroller sounds potentially a little too risky for my liking, I'm sure other companies in the West would feel the same.

  • @iamliubo I'm based on Sweden. Can we get some timeline for when this connectivity issue will be resolved for those of us not fortunate enough to live in China? At the moment the cores3 is a very beautiful looking paperweight on my desk, it has no use at all without UIFlow2.0 working.

  • Just wanted to mention that this is working now. I had email contact with M5stack and they recommended using the webburner. Not sure if that is the reason it works now, but I can program the device wireless from Uiflow2 with no problems. CoreS3 and Uiflow2 seem to work in the Nordic countries now.

  • hi @davetshave ,

    We have done some tests, found that in Europe may have network connection problems, because we do not currently deployed servers in Europe, we will make improvements in the near future, for the time being you can use USB mode for development, you can watch this video: link

  • I just got my AtomS3 and have it connected but like others, I have the red dot next to my device in the device selector and not able to run or download programs. I'm running UIFlow Alpha 22 and also was able to burn that firmware to my Atom. Am I to understand that this is paper weight until this is resolved? I'm in the US.

  • @bhbarry when you burned the firmware, we’re you logged in with your forums details and get the bind device request?

  • @ajb2k3 I was. I hadn't seen IAMLIUBO's comment about USB mode until after I posted this comment. I am able to connect to my Atom and download programs now through the terminal.

  • UIFlow is now working again for me thanks