m5list on Core2

  • Hi there.

    I am trying to use the m5list on the Core2.
    I am using the following Micropython code

    (Sorry, I did not get to post as a 'real' code snippet)

    from m5stack_ui import M5List
    lGraph = M5List(0,0)
    h1 = lGraph.add_label('PT1')
    h2 = lGraph.add_label('PT2')

    Depending on what is selected, I could retrieve the selection with


    So, I get 0 or 1.
    So far so good.
    When nothing is selected, that means the display was touched somewhere not within the list or when the list was created and it was not clicked on a list item, then the function does not return any thing and blocks the Core2 until a manual reset occurs.
    Could you please help me to avoid this behaviour?
    Thank you