UI Flow Software 0.8.0 Sensor problems

  • @ ajb2k3
    Have again the software UI Flow 0.8.0 installed. And again tested the sensors. Only the IO Remote Sensor is not working in the software.
    Have this as well as the other sensors connected to the Black Port (B / GPIO).
    It is only the ENV sensor connected to the port (A / I2C), that's already clear to me.
    But you can also see a cell phone camera when you connect the IO Remote Sensor to the port (B / GPIO) port in the software 0.8.0 of the infrared sensor emits no infrared light, but in the software 0.7.0! !
    Look at the pictures !!!!
    Greeting skink

  • Here are the pictures ,
    Software 0.8.0 IR Remote Transmitter diode sending nothing !!

    Here Software 0.7.0 IR Remote Transmitter Diode Sends Signal !!
    Greetings Skink

  • @skink Nice capture on the signal.
    Out of curiosity (I dont have any of the sensors) any chance you can open the case and capture a photo of the internals?
    BTW pull the camera back about a foot and retake the photos!

    Also, any chance of posting the python code from the two versions?
    It is possible that something broke when they tried to fix something else.

  • @ajb2k3
    The sensors are from the M5GO IOT set, which I bought, in the picture you would not see much, because the boards have both sides PCB tracks.
    But there is documentation, here's the link: https://github.com/m5stack/M5GO/tree/master/hardware/schematics. There you can see, I think there is the interest as the sensors are interconnected and what was installed.
    Greeting skink

  • The software is integrated in the UI FLow software, does not know how I can read the code from the firmware !?
    So they are not programs of mine !!

  • @skink Thanks, been struggling to find those docs.

    How have you been testing to see if the sensor is recieving?
    Not the firmware, just the python code generated by uiflow.

  • Nothing to thank @ ajb2k3,

    I first installed UIFlow 0.8.0 on the M5Stack. Then tested, then a lot on me the sensor does not send over the camera of the mobile phone.
    Afterwards I installed UIFlow 0.7.0 on the M5Stack and lo and behold, the sensor is sending !! You can see it in both pictures !!
    Greeting skink

  • @skink How are you using the sensor because I cant find any controls for UIFlow to control the sensor

  • @ ajb2k3
    Install the UIFlow 0.7.0 software on your M5Stack.
    Start the M5 stack and select with button B (App.List) then M5GO and again with button B (Run) then you select the appearing menu button C (Next) until you see the menu item Extension IR Remote, then connect the sensor and test.
    With this program you can test all sensors of the M5Go IOT system.
    (I have already told you the instructions for the construction of the sensors where you can find them)
    However, you either need the M5Stack from the M5Go IOT set or the M5Stack Fire, since you need the M5Go bottom for the M5Stack that has the connection bars, but should also go with a Basic or Core M5Stack because the connection strips are nothing but the ports Here are the occupancy of the M5Go Bottom:

    Link: https://m5stack.readthedocs.io/en/latest/product-documents/m5stack-core/m5stack_fire.html

    Greetings Skink

  • @skink
    Hello, skink. Good afternoon!
    Has your problem been solved?