BASE26 compatibility with Core2?

  • I purchased a base26 for use with my Core2 however when powered by the DC barrel jack the core2 flashes the backlight and does not power up. I have two of these base226 units and neither appears to function with the Core2. I found no mention in the specification that indicates compatibility with Core2 or not. Should it work? Is there an alternate for Core2?

  • Hello @_Rob

    yes, judging from looking at the schematic I think it should be compatible.

    You'll need to adapt the program slightly to allow M5Core2 being powered from the DC jack. Try changing the last parameter of M5.begin() from kMBusModeOutput to kMBusModeInput.

    Explanation: in M5Core2 the 5 V pin on M-Bus needs to be actively switched between input or output as required. At startup the 5 V pin is set as an input allowing the M5Core2 to power up, but as soon as the M5.begin() function is executed, by default the 5 V pin is being changed to become an output and thus power is cut again. With the aforementioned kMBusModeInput this can be prevented and the 5 V pin continues to be an input.


  • @_rob I have the same concerns, the tracks of the BASE26 module touch the vibrator motor (in red on photo). This causes the CORE2 to restart constantly.
    I notified M5Stack support to warn of the incompatibility


  • M5Stack

    The vibration sensor of M5Core2 and M5 Base series are incompatible in mechanical design. Please do not stack them together.