M5Stack Fire questions...

  • Just got my M5Stack Fire.

    • First off, if I use the Arduino IDE, I see only the regular program space. (Maximum is 1310720 bytes.). Should this have way more flash? How do we use it?

    • Also, the M5Stack-CORE-ESP32 board setting came with Tools/Partition scheme where you could select "Normal, "No OTA" or "Minimal SPIFFS", all are gone. I know I can manually edit the boards,txt file to fix this, but is there any reason this is the way it is?

    • One of the M5ez users says one of his LEDs wakes up blue when using M5ez: I do not see this myself. Are there different versions of the Fire?

  • I want to add

    • Upload a complete M5Stack Fire schematic of the current revision. There is none in the docs.