How to save data to SD-card

  • The UI flow is nice but you end nothing written to the file, it is only created - please provide an example. may be it needs some control characters

  • you could refer the demo block.


  • Would you mind adding some indication about control characters there, like "\r\n"
    Please recognize that you promised fast prototyping using the M5Stack but now it is clear that:

    • it is cumbersome, because the high level uiflow functions are not documented, and no working examples in micropython given to validate the high level functions
    • the combination of modules was not testet (ok a lot of variants)
    • the physical design has some flaws - the screen may brake when assembling, disassembling needs force - may be you may invent a receptacle with unlocking lever

    Do you have a standard before selling modules for quality control, and a test plan?