Power management issue M5GO & USB host

  • Hi.
    I have a setup with M5Core with the USB host module and GO battery.

    My issues are as follows:
    I use M5.poweroff after a timeout, but does not seem like the usb module powers off.
    There is a significant power drain somewhere.

    When the battery is depleted the M5 will not start up again, even if I fully charge the GO.
    Only way to wake it is to put power into the M5 USBC connector.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

  • M5Stack

    M5.poweroff simply puts the ESP32 into sleep mode. if you want to turn off the device , you only can doulble click the power button

  • Mine only reboot if I try to turn it off by double click.

    Is there a way to actually turn it off from software?

  • Hi again.

    I have experimented a lot now, my current power settings are as follows:

    M5.Power.setPowerBoostOnOff(false); //Change the power on / off method. The power does not turn off when connected via USB. true=Press and hold to turn on / off. false=Turn on / off with two short presses.
    M5.Power.setPowerBoostSet(true); //Change the power on / off method true=ON / OFF in one short press. false=same as above
    M5.Power.setPowerVin(true); //When the power supply from USB etc. is cut off, Decide whether to turn on the power again.
    M5.Power.setPowerBtnEn(true); //Set whether to accept the power button.
    M5.Power.setPowerBoostKeepOn(false); //Always output power. True= Always output power. False=not Always output power.
    M5.Power.setAutoBootOnLoad(true); //Set whether to automatically start when power consumption occurs

    This lets me turn the M5 off/on with the power button with single click. However, it does NOT work if the USB HOST module is connected.
    I can turn it off, but it never turns on again, until I connect usb to the M5core directly.

  • M5Stack

    When you stack USB modules, the current will change slightly, which may cause some effects. Also related to your configuration of IP5306