Timed out waiting for packet header

  • Hi,
    I've got a M5Stack MPU9250. I managed to upload some examples on it a couple of times but now I'm stuck with the uploading waiting for a while at the writing step and then returning a "Timed out" fatal error. See attached picture.
    Can you spot something wrong in my settings or advise me something. I'm on windows 10 with latest usb drivers and arduino 1.8.5.
    Timed out waiting for packet header

  • @bflo
    Hi bflo, this situation can be found on a number of devices... On M5Stack It can be be addressed as follows:

    1) Immediate fix:
    When IDE tries to connecct to M5 - when it shows this on-screen - "Connecting .... ____ ..... ____ ......." , you need to press the red reset button. Press it twice - first time short, then hold 5 seconds. Then press twice quickly - click, click. It probably start to beep - just repeat the above.. or even just keep holding the button in.... You should find after some combination of the above it will connect. You may have to try a second time. After doing it a few times you should "get the knack" and be able to reliably get it to load first time, each time.

    This should work but its easier to do one of the following....

    2) Long term fix:
    Connect a capacitor between the RST and GND ports. Can be standard through hole cap. @mikemoy recommended up to 10 uF max, although I've been using 22 uF. If your cap is polarised be sure to connect negative to the GND port. @scotts recently suggested using a non-polarised ceramic cap such as the relatively common 0.1 uF.... eg. one with the number 104 printed on it. (the pic below shows 0.068 uF in use).

    You could also get a proto module board and solder the cap to the pads marked on the proto board as GND and EN (=RST). I will probably try this with 0.1 uF cap.

    Users with an earlier model can also use an SMT cap and solder it to the circuit board - but that doesn't apply to your model with the 4 Mb PS-RAM and MPU9250.


  • @jimit Thanks! That worked in the end. Not with the cap though, only by playing with the resest button during the connection... Cheers,

  • @bflo Excellent! Glad it worked. But do yourself a favour - get hold of a cap. It's MUCH more convenient for regular use.

  • Make sure you use a non polarized capacitor like the orange one shown in the left picture. If you use a polarized capacitor instead, you might get it backwards. If you hook up an electrolytic capacitor backwards, the electrodes oxidize and it starts to conduct current. Throw away any polarized capacitor that you hook up backwards.

    You can also use RST and BAT since it's easier (IMO). http://forum.m5stack.com/topic/113/an-even-simpler-fix-when-upload-fails

    I heard the new M5's don't need the cap but I'm waiting for a new one to arrive to confirm.