Is M5Cloud down?

  • I havn't been able to connect to nor Is it offline or am I having problems? It worked fine yesterday.

  • @kjolstad Hi, I also cannot connect to either address so there must some issue there. Hopefully resolved soon.

  • Sorry for that, we have fixed the server.

  • @bin It is up now, but not working as great as a few days ago. Code will only upload around 1 out of every 5 tries. And sometimes the M5stack randomly decides to download some new code and restart.

  • Down again since last night ?
    M5 responds connection failed ?

  • @m5mpy Seems to be up now.....

  • @jimit ok, thx
    M5 is connecting now ..
    But still on the Cloud the IDE does not stop or exit out of "File Syncing ..." mode, even though I can see in the terminal (USB) that the *.py files have been loading fast.
    Any thoughts ?

  • TTY snip for explanation :

    MicroPython ESP32_LoBo_v3.2.11 - 2018-04-16 on M5Stack with ESP32
    Type "help()" for more information.
    <>> [M5-30xxxyyyyyyy] M5Cloud connected.
    [M5Cloud] Uploading:/flash/config.json .
    [M5Cloud] Uploading:/flash/ .
    [M5Cloud] Uploading:/flash/ .> M5 is connecting now ..

    and IDE freezes

  • @m5mpy

    Someone on twitter reported similar issues to M5Stack late last night.... so they are aware of it.

    I had issues with version 0.3.9 and dropped down to 0.3.8 as per their suggestion, but still had similar issues to yours.

    So hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  • @jimit
    Thanks for the update.
    Also changed down to .38 upfront posting, but no change, the same as you mentioned.
    So used FTP and REPL on .39 since.
    Also hope they get M5Cloud working again soon, as I changed to MicroPython just recently and really enjoy it. ;-)

  • @m5mpy

    No problem for the update. I'm sure they will do all they can to get it working ASAP.....

  • Back online and running again. Thx

  • @m5mpy Great to hear... thanks for updating status....

  • @jimit 在 Is M5Cloud down? 中说:

    @m5mpy Great to hear... thanks for updating status....

    you use cloud? how does it compare with arduino ide or ... platformIO
    Calun should pop in any time now ;)

  • @daslolo @M5MPy

    Hi Daslolo,

    Unfortunately I haven't had time to use the M5Cloud to any great extent.... now I have the software flashed to an M5 again I will check it out...

    Perhaps M5MPy can respond ? M5Cloud vs. arduino ide vs. platformIO.

    Over the air (wireless) updating of the software is cool (M5Cloud).....

  • @jimit

    MicroPython VS Arduino is no comparison of equals

    MPY is running FreeRTOS as uOS and so you have total different opportunities.
    Best of these for my IoT Application will be Over the Air updating with low amount of traffic.
    As only packages of text (code) will be sent; the traffic is low and update faster than Arduino USB connection (even without compiling).

    So I look forward for an adventure switching from Arduino to MicroPython with M5STACK,

    If you ever considered running multiple thread or tasks - for sure give it a try.
    If you just want to learn something new, the same. ;-)


  • ESP32 Arduino IDF also run's RTOS.
    Check the main.cpp on arduino-idf:

    void loopTask(void *pvParameters)
    for(;;) {
    micros(); //update overflow

    extern "C" void app_main()
    xTaskCreatePinnedToCore(loopTask, "loopTask", 8192, NULL, 1, NULL, ARDUINO_RUNNING_CORE);

    You can create tasks on any core you chose by calling RTOS xTaskCreatePinnedToCore function anywhere in your arduino sketch.

    You can also change the tasks priorityes, define stack size, use queues, semaphores, mutexes, and all other RTOS features. For OTA you have options to chose from:

    • Local OTA (upload the firmware without usb cable while M5 is on local network)
    • Remote OTA: Set the M5 to auto update once a condition is met (like a new firmware version available) like i did on my MultiApp Advanced: . This way you can update the M5Stack even if is on the other side of the planet.

    All this without the overhead of an interpreter...

  • @calin

    Good point, I came from ATMega and ARM Arduino with "Standard" Arduino knowledge and was totally surprised that M5STACK MicroPython is running FreeRTOS.

    I will also review your links.

    Just new to MicroPhyton, I just collected some code pieces in the web to get a "Clock" background task coded with RTC and NTP Sync by just some code lines.
    BTW. No flickering on the display etc.

  • posted my first MicroPython Code here :

    So, feel free to compare by yourself with Arduino.
    The "Clock" code does it all for me on displaying time (and date if needed), and if synced to NTP with green or red time digits. Just as a task in the background.

  • Concise code for sure. I need all the speed I can get so it'll be Arduino for now.
    I'm surprised you wouldn't see any flicker on the display since you print every frame, also surprised that there is no clearScreen preceding the print. I'm thinking the python print has a background.