wasDoubleclicked_event WITHOUT wasClicked_event

  • Hello

    I use MicroPython on M5StickCPlus or M5AtomS3.

    The goal to use the callbacks to manage Clicks and DoubleClicks :

    BtnA.setCallback(type=BtnA.CB_TYPE.WAS_CLICKED, cb=btnA_wasClicked_event)
    BtnA.setCallback(type=BtnA.CB_TYPE.WAS_DOUBLECLICKED, cb=btnA_wasDoubleclicked_event)

    I want the DoubleClick event to be triggerer WITHOUT the Clicked event to be fired (even twice !)

    It makes this :
    Simple Click : btnA_wasClicked_event
    Double Click : btnA_wasClicked_event, btnA_wasClicked_event, btnA_wasDoubleclicked_event

    Bad :(

    I used before managing DoubleClick myself with microtimes... but do not want anymore :)

  • [SOLVED]

    Here is my solution, using ONLY wasPressed and wasReleased events :)

    from time import ticks_ms
    ms_down = 0; ms_up = 0; ms_last_up = ticks_ms()
    click_timer = Timer(0)
    def btnA_wasPressed_event(state):
        global ms_down
        ms_down = ticks_ms()
        click_timer.init(period=250, mode=Timer.ONE_SHOT, callback=btnA_longclick)
    def btnA_wasReleased_event(state):
        global ms_up, ms_last_up
        ms_up = ticks_ms(); click_length = ms_up - ms_down
        click_delay = ms_up - ms_last_up; ms_last_up = ms_up
        if (click_delay < 250):
            ms_last_up = 0
        elif (click_length < 250):
            click_timer.init(period=250, mode=Timer.ONE_SHOT, callback=btnA_simpleclick)

    With the functions here :

    def btnA_simpleclick(timer):
    def btnA_doubleclick():
    def btnA_longclick(timer):
        click_timer.init(period=250, mode=Timer.ONE_SHOT, callback=btnA_longclick)