Wiring of M5Stack Mini Infrared Emitter & Receiver Unit

  • Dear all,

    I bought the M5Stack Mini Infrared Emitter & Receiver Unit.

    Now I attached it to the M5stack Atom Lite. According to the sticker, I would assume that one needs to connect the "white" line with the TX port and the "yellow" line with the RX line, see the image.

    For some reason I do not understand, I have to switch the TX and RX lines to get the device working. Can somebody confirm?

    I also post the question here.

    Thanks and best wishes,

  • Yes, you have to "switch" the lines between the IR Unit and the Atom :
    One side is Tx -> RX, the other side RX -> TX

    • White line: IR Unit receives the signal and transmitts it(TX, marked "data" IN) ) to the Atom,. Atom is receiver (RX), (G32 as input)

    • Yellow line: Atom is the sender (TX) (G26 as output), IR Unit receives the data (RX) (marked "data" OUT) and transmitts the signal via IR (25Hz carrier) Check if it works with a mobile phone camera ...