How to use "pushToSprite" in Core2

  • Guys, I wasn't able to use "pushToSprite" in my M5Stack Core2. It seems that there's no such function in Core2 LCD library ( When I try to use it in Arduino I'll get the error
    'class TFT_eSprite' has no member named 'pushToSprite';
    What's the sense of working with Sprites if I cannot push one sprite on top of another?
    What could I do to solve such an issue?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Isn't the method called pushSprite?

    On a M5StickC-Plus, I use:

    TFT_eSprite sgraph = TFT_eSprite(&M5.Lcd);
    sgraph.createSprite(GRAPHW, GRAPHH);

    sgraph.pushSprite(TEXTW, 0);