Turn your M5Stack into a space clock

  • Turn your M5Stack Core 2 into a space clock

    What can they do:

    • Animated space wallpaper with a flying astronaut
    • Adaptive backlight mode will set the brightness depending on the time of day (Bright screen during the day and dim at night).
    • Add up to 4 alarm clocks. You can set up a repeat by day of the week.
    • Disable and activate alarms using the alarm clock manager.
    • Get notifications from your phone via Bluetooth.
    • Using the settings menu, you can synchronize your watch with the time from the Internet, adjust the brightness of the screen, select an alarm ringtone.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi Manager(No need to reboot your device)
    • View the weather using OpenWeather API
    • Run the any *.py scripts from app directory(Calculator, Timer, Weather and etc.).
    • You can enter debug mode directly from the watch menu.
      alt text

    I plan to add:

    • App store. Download applications from the Internet and run them from an SD card.
    • Localization

    You can install this firmware from M5Burner or if you have the current version of UIFlow_Core 2 run the code of the installer from my GitHub (then your existing scripts should be saved)

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  • Amazing! Thank you very much Pavelprosto.

  • if you want the same stand as in the photo. This is a free 3d printer model