use new MQTT unit with UIFlow?

  • Hello,

    I just received the new MQTT unit.
    I was using MQTT in WIFI with my M5s like this with UIFlow:
    avec les fonctions suivantes :

    With the new unit I am a little confused to do the same. I do not find the same functions to carry out "MQTT subscribe"
    How to achieve the same?

    Thanks for your help

  • M5Stack


    you could take a variable to connect the block. after the block is executed, it will return a result of subscribing successfully.

  • @m5stack
    Sorry, but I still cannot recover my data from the broker with the MQTT unit. It works perfect with MQTT in Wifi and my CORE2.
    Here is my code with UIFlow, the LAMPES variable is always at TRUE, as the BOOKER MQTT communicates values "On" or "Off"
    How to get the GET TOPIC DATA function?