UnitV2 - M5UnitV2RootfsRecoveryPackage-09072021 works fine!

  • Hello,

    big surprise!

    The new firmware (M5UnitV2RootfsRecoveryPackage-09072021) seems to work fine! In my first test I was even able to connect my Mac to the UnitV2 via wifi. Also the jupyter notebook sample works without problems

    (0_1631122155228_Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-08 um 19.28.23.png

    Thanks for providing the update


  • I have been waiting so long for this as i am on mac aswell. However i cant get my unit to update the led never starts flashing quickly after powering up with the button pressed. The blue led just goes out and red stays on.

    This is what my sd card looks like. Any help would be great as without wifi cant use it ?

    sd card

  • Ok i kept trying it and despite the leds not showing like the video evenutally it did work.

    Not sure if it a co-incidence or not but for other people it worked when i was powering it up direct from a usb charger as opposed to plugged into my macbook usb c port