EspNow is receiving previous messages

  • I've started work on a project to make a sports tracker and it was working well for a bit, but now i'm a little confused on how the EspNow is working.

    Esp Setup on Controller

    Esp Setup on Check-In Points

    My Setup
    Core2 as the Brains
    Atom X 2 as the check in points

    When the player taps the RFID card against the reader at either check in point it send the device's MAC Address + "@" + "PYLON" + "@" + Players name to the hub device. Then the hub will receive the message and process it later. After it has been processed the hub send a signal to the check-in point to display a "!" symbol.

    The odd thing is, if I restart every piece and start scanning, the wrong check-in point will get the signal. Then if I scan it again, it moves to the right point, but if I move to the next point, the last check-in point receives the signal. So it is acting like a buffer and the last one is making it through.

    My Controller


    My Check-in Points