[Product] - Industrial 24VDC DI, DO, AI, AO

  • Would be nice if exist units with capabilities of interfacing 24VDC signals directly to M5Stack family like:

    • 8 Digital input
    • 8 Digital output
    • 2/4 Analog input (0-10V and/or 0..20mA)
    • 2/4 Analog output (0-10V and/or 0..20mA)

    Common features:

    • daisy chain connection / multiple units connected at same time
    • HT3.96 connector
    • optional DIN rail mounting

  • I would like to see this option as well. 24V I/O including the optocouplers

  • A module or a unit with digital I/O expender that have a PNP or/and NPN interface (24 v) can be very useful .

  • Might sound wrong but,
    Have you considered designing and developing one yourself?

  • Here is the solution that I use for the extended I / O in output in order to control relays in 24V.


    The connection is almost identical except GND and VCC.
    VCC must not be connected for use> 5V.