Correct I2C problems with PaHUB

  • PaHUB does not work with CORE2, always the same message "name 'freq' isn't defined.
    All these situations block any progress with M5stack products and add more and more frustration day after day.
    Please, more testing before release to market.

  • Hey M5stack engineers

    Since I was curious I got myself a PaHUB and I can confirm that using it with M5Core2 (firmware 1.7.2) in UiFlow 1.7.2 doesn't work at all and always returns the name 'freq' isn't defined error. (It works fine with M5Stack Gray btw.)

    Please either fix this issue or open source UiFlow so we can try to fix it ourselves.

    Thank you for listening.


  • Hello again, M5Stack engineers

    I did some additional tests and the issue has been introduced in M5Core2 firmware 1.7.2. When I use UIFlow 1.7.2 (online) with M5Core2 firmware 1.7.0 or it works as expected (1.7.1 was broken in other aspects)

    In other words, only the latest M5Core2 firmware 1.7.2 is affected by this bug.

    May I humbly suggest you spend some time and improve your regression tests? It's bad enough if something doesn't work for a new device, but it is outright annoying if something that has worked in an earlier firmware version gets broken in a subsequent version.

    Thank you for listening.


  • the I2C bug with the PaHub has not been corrected in version 1.7.3 !!!!.
    Isn't it serious to market products that don't work?