M5Burn cannot set option to USB-mode for local UIFlow-IDE

  • Using M5Burn 1.7.2 (same for 1.7.1) on Linux Fedora 33 with atom-lite or atom-matrix.
    Ich can erase and flash the bootloader. The WiFi dialog on flashing works. But I cannot set config options to USB mode which is needed to use the desktop IDE.

    First, there is a strange message about "setting APN required"

    then javascript error: "loadall is not defined".

    After that, M5burner shows the message "writing data, do not close" but no activity any more.

    How can I set the device to usb mode? Can I do this via esptool.py alone, without the m5burner GUI?

  • This page shows how to put the Atom Matrix/Lite into USB (Desktop) mode.


    “Press and hold the middle button while powering on (or when restarting), and do not release it until LED color change to blue.“

  • @world101 I'm having the same problem... this page only seems to give the method of getting the Atom Matrix into offline mode... I have the Atom Lite... I've tried holding the middle button on startup and the LED never goes blue... just green...

  • offline mode does not work because the desktop side is out of date.