RoverC + JoyC strange displays - Are the sticks broken ?

  • I have 2 M5Stick CPlus and use it with the RoverC plus and the JoxC .
    After a Iittle while I get them working - but both displays are not showing that, what is shown on the M5Stack website.
    NO IP adress and no charging level.

    0_1610967531228_joc HAT remote.jpg
    This is the JoyC module
    0_1610967590947_rover c hat remote.jpg
    This is the RoverC module

    I can push the buttons in every way - the display is not changing.

    I can bring them to work and I think the function is what it should be.

    Is there a place where I can find the code of the 2 software parts ?

    Or best would it be if there is a tutorial how to read the joysticks out and send the information to the other M5Stick or M5Stack module. (UIflow would be best.)

    In the documetation of the JoyC there is only an example how to read the values, but nothing about how to send it to another device.


  • Hello @ramaker

    no, I don't think your M5StickC Plus devices are broken. The issue is that the Arduino examples written for RoverC and JoyC are for the M5StickC (not Plus) which has a smaller screen. The M5Stack engineers will have to adapt the examples to the bigger screen.

    As a test you could install and run the display example written for M5StickC Plus to verify the screens are fine.