M5Burner: enable setting WiFi on "advanced" devices like Core2

  • I can use the M5Burner software to easily set the WiFi connection on the Atom.

    Why can't I use M5Burner to set the WiFi connection on my Core2?

    Sometimes after flashing the Core2 has lost the WiFi data and I find it cumbersome to use the integrated device setup.

    It would be great to use M5Burner to optionally set WiFi when burning UIFlow to Core2.

  • Hello @mb

    you can, at least with M5Burner 2.2.4 on MacOSX I can.

    • start M5Burner
    • connect M5Core2 to your computer
    • select correct COM
    • click on Core2 Configuration
    • change settings
    • click Save

    Note: the 'Configuration' button is only available after downloading the UIFlow firmware and only works if M5Core2 is attached to the computer via USB.



  • Thanks @felmue, I just updated M5Burner to the latest version and now it works :-)