M5Paper and WLAN

  • Have this morning the M5Paper connected to the WLan, which is displayed to me on my router and on the M5Paper.
    But if I then go to "Sync Time" writes me the M5Paper WLAN not connected !?

    Is there perhaps a bug in the software?

    After I have reloaded the factory test software with the M5 Burner, logged into the network, set the time zone and then perform the function Sync Time works, but then I see how the M5Paper disappears again from the WLAN on my router and at another attempt with the function Sync Time the function no longer works!

    Greeting skink

  • have now checked it with the second M5Paper but this can also log on to the WLAN and also syncronize. But just the first time, then I am also with this an active connection on the M5Paper displayed but in the WLAN of the router but he is grayed out (so no longer connected) and a second syncronisieren fails!