UART communication problem

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to use the UART port (grove C) on the Fire to talk to my computer. My computer use a FTDI USB-RS232 converter to generate the serial signal.
    I found I can detect some signal from the fire on my computer, but Fire cannot read the signal from computer. (I used pyserial to send the signal from my computer)

    I guess it's because UART is not compatible with RS232 signal but I'm not sure. Please help if you have related experience.


  • Can you try a different port (A or B)? Fire has PSRAM on the same pins as the signals on Port C and that can make issues.

  • OK, I will try Grove A and B. By the way, what's the signal level of UART on Fire? I suspect it's not compatible with RS232 signal. (I see some microcontrollers need a converter to convert between TTL and RS232).

    Thank you!

  • Sorry, that I don't know.