V-Training Service is active now??

  • I uploaded files to the V-Training service but it seems not running....
    Currently Task No.6(2020/12/29) is mine,
    but task No.1 which was uploaded in 2020/12/24 still remaining.

    Anyone can help please?


    0_1609213475638_スクリーンショット 2020-12-29 12.44.09.png

    Thank you.

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    @nabeshin said in V-Training Service is active now??:


    Hi, we are aware of that and working to fix it ASAP.

  • Thank you.
    This is not serious at all.
    I will try it again in next year.

    Have nice holidays!!!

  • @Zontex
    Now I can upload files. But Training always fails with this error.

    CONTENT: Unexpected Error Found During Triaining, A target array with shape (128, 6) was passed for an output of shape (None, 7) while using as loss categorical_crossentropy. This loss expects targets to have the same shape as the output.

    I uploaded following data.

    • 6 classes training data
    • Each class has 90 files(85 files in train folder. 5 + 1 files in each valid folder)
      • At first, using the result folder created by UnitV_boot_v1220.py, I got Error: Lake of Enough Valid Dataset, Only 30 pictures found, but you need 35 in total.
      • Maybe Lake of is typo of Lack of I think.
      • So I moved 1 file manually from train folder to valid folder for each class.(Then I made 5 + 1 files in each valid folder.(Total 36 in valid folder)
      • Then that goes fine.
    • But now I got that error about categorical_crossentropy.
      • I tried several cases and got same kind of error.
      • For 6 class case: A target array with shape (128, 6) was passed for an output of shape (None, 7)
      • For 4 class case: A target array with shape (64, 4) was passed for an output of shape (None, 5)

    I'm not sure but I think it's because,

    Do you have any idea for fix it?


  • @Zontex
    Hi, I tried again now but It seems like still having problems...

    Can I build same environment in my computer?
    What should I install for this machine learning?

    If you can point the GitHub URL, Please let me help.


  • Hi, Now I got one solution by myself.
    We can build a private environment of K210 machine learning on Goggle colaboratory.
    Of course we can share.

    I wrote an article here.
    This can be used as an another way of V-Training for M5StickV and M5UnitV.


    Goggle colaboratory

    Thank you.