[M5Core] empty UIFlow firmware

  • I would like to have a UIFlow to burn for the M5Core and Stick versions where there is no UIFlow start menu and such.
    So similar to pure Micropython, but with all the drivers from UIFlow.
    That would be my biggest wish!

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    That's a great suggestion! thank you for sharing it with us, we'll push it forward to our engineers and see what we can do :)

  • Related to this request would be having the possibility of burning bare MicroPython from source, bringing in all M5Core drivers, and adding any user made apps, tables and pre-cooked code.

  • So cool ! and for M5Core2 please ;) i don't want to pass to another board just for a missing LCD driver :(

  • This ^

  • I would give this all the thumbs-up. Right now, I am jumping between editing with Thonny (annoying to walk all over the house plugging into devices) and just pasting my code into a single enormous execute block in UIFlow to push. The UIFlow editor is great for generating snippits related to the M5 hardware, but impossible for doing any substantial amount of coding.

  • What i am doing right now, is just work with the uiflow firmware but i unload from memory the modules for uiflowmenu on my main.py and then i load what i want. It does load the UIFLOW menu at the beginning but just for a second. Then blank canvas to work. I use either rshell when allowed or Thonny.