[RULES] Please READ before posting here!

  • Hey all!

    Recently a lot of you came up with features requirements that you'd like to have, whenever it's UIFlow, Arduino IDE, Hardware etc ...
    We've created this topic especially for you to let us know what features and requirements you might have.

    How to make a wish?

    1. Before posting please make sure it's something that doesn't already exist, you can confirm by searching in the relevant forums.

    2. Make sure it's a feature you are asking for - not a bug report to be fixed, for bugs you can use different topics in the forum.

    When posting a wish or feature you'd like to add please mention in the title for what platform you are referring to such as:

    [UIFlow] Pink unicorn background-color or [Arduino] Add more samples for X and Y this will enable us to go through your requirement faster and categorize it.

    Rating wishes

    For every topic you can "vote up" or "vote down" make sure to give your vote whenever you want this feature to be pushed forward, you can comment as well to make us notice the feature and push it forward ASAP.

    Hope you guys like the idea and we can't wait to hear what kind of features and improvements you have in mind!