How to change color for RGB "Set Atom Matrix"?

  • How can I change the color when setting the atom matrix? It only shows white "pixels".
    alt text

    Setting the color before has no impact. And I can not change the color within the block.

    UIFlow v1.6.5


  • Hello Mike

    try clicking onto the little color rectangle next to the text 'Set atom matrix'. This should give you a color picker.


  • you need to also click on the cells in the matrix block to set the colour

  • Clicking on the small color rectangle next to "Set atom matrix" was my first intuitive action. But nothing happens. The mouse pointer is a grapping hand when hovering over it.

    And of course I can set the 5x5 matrix fields by click, but only toggle on and off. No color change.

  • Hello Mike

    hmm, the color picker is a little popup window. Maybe try a different browser?


  • "Set atom matrix" module does not open the color picker - like "Set RGB Bar color".

    Tested on latest Firefox 82.0.1 and Safari 14.0 on Mac. With UIFlow V1.4.5 and V1.6.5.

    No error message in the JavaScript developer console.

    Should I officially open a bug report somewhere?

  • M5Stack

    @mb thank you feedback we will fix it later. also, we suggest you use Chrome.