"Error 22 bat val error"

  • Hello. I have received a new M5StickC, and receive the error "Error 22: Bat Val Error, Check Hardware" when plugged into USB. The screen goes dark and the device powers off when unplugged from USB. I have tried leaving it to charging for hours as well as trying to BAT to GND trick, but to no avail. How should I proceed?


  • Hi @bigjohn2345

    this error message seems to be part of the factory test. I am afraid the battery in your M5StackC got depleted so much that the voltage reading is below 3 volts and therefore the battery is considered 'dead'.

    I suggest you contact the shop and ask for a replacement.


    From FactoryTest.ino

        float VBat = M5.Axp.GetBatVoltage();
        if ((VBat < 3.0) || (VBat > 4.4))
            ErrorMeg(0x22, "Bat Vol error ");
            return false;

  • Thank you; I'll do that.

  • M5Stack

    Charge for a while. If this message is still prompted. Just contact our store.