• The screen has a left over image that wont go way. Newer sketches/examples now share the screen with the left over image that looks something like a bar code.

    I would appreciate any help in clearing the screen.


  • Are you using Arduino or UIFlow? May be the same in both cases:
    The first time I programmed my M5StickC PLUS, I included the old M5Stick library, and got exactly the visual effect you mention.
    Use the M5StickCPlus library for Arduino.
    I haven't used UIFlow for a while, but perhaps there you need to be sure to select the M5StickC PLUS board and not M5StickC.

    The PLUS has a larger display, so the library compiled for the older, smaller display only addresses part of the LCD.

  • Thank you for your help. M5STICKC PLUS isnt listed in arduino boards mgr. I contacted M5STACK and responded that there is NOT supposed an M5STACKC PLUS listed in Arduino Boards mgr. So i tried Easyloader and burned the firmware and all is perfect now.

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear, but it sounds like we're on to it.
    Keep the M5StickC board selected, but change:
    #include <M5StickC.h>
    #include <M5StickCPlus.h>

  • M5StickC and M5StickC Plus both use the M5StickC board in Arduino.

    but they use different libraries.

    you could follow this tutorial to setup.