Core2 Module and extension board stacking?

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    Hello @ajb2k3

    care to share a picture?


    The link is in the Japanese facebook group along with images.

  • Hi guys

    thanks for the feedback. I received my M5Core2 today and yes, with the core2 base older modules cannot be attached/connected. However when I remove the micro module with the IMU and mic and unscrew the core2 base I can attach/connect old modules just fine. Even the battery can remain sandwiched inside although it is no longer secured and rattles around.


  • @felmue Interesting, I didn't think about taking the battery out of the core2 base holder and leaving it connected.
    I've already got a lot of older bases with built-in batteries: Battery bottom, M5Go, Node, Faces I and II. That's why I wanted to disconnect the battery from the core2 core board and instead use the battery power from those bases via the bus.

  • @veryalien There is no reason not to remove the provided battery if you are using a base with one prefitted. Based on previous post, it would probably be better no to connect the internal battery when using a battery base.

  • @ajb2k3 Obviously!

  • According to a Twitter post from M5Stack they are planning to sell us the same modules as before but in a slightly different form for the core2. Longer bus pins.

    Core2 modules

  • Hi @veryalien

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I wonder though, doesn't that mean these modules with the longer pins won't properly fit the older cores?


  • @m5stack

    So I think it would be good if m5stack solves it that way.
    between the Core 2 and the bottom comes an adapter with longer pins. Then I put the old modules and underneath the old module a base into which the micro module with mic and MPU6886 can be plugged.

    1. so I don't loose the two components of the micro module.
    2. i can use the old modules as long as they are pin compatible.
    3. i don't have to rebuild every old module as a new micro module and buy it before everything else !

  • @skink we will take this into consideration. thank you feedback.

  • @m5stack Thanks to take it into consideration.
    I received my Core2 today. Trying to plug the PLC circuit after removing the bottom seems difficult. On the left side there is a metallic thing (motor?) that push the circuit, and pin headers are really short.

    About headers, you sell SMT mount connector in your shop but I think they are 2.5mm long (like the old modules one's)? right? on the micro-module they are 3.5mm (total height 5.84).
    For makers like me, if we want to build modules prototype, where can we find compatible trough hole or SMT connectors? I search and found nothing? any ref?