Core2 Module and extension board stacking?

  • @ajb2k3 M5Stack could have simply supplied a 2x15 bus extender with the core2.
    The problem I see is that the micromodule with the mic and IMU will have to be at the bottom of the stack and it won't fit nicely unless you use the core2 base as the bottom. If you don't use it, you've 'lost' two potentially useful sensors for a core2 project which were previously built-in core or base features.
    I suppose there might be an idea for different interchangeable micromodules (one at a time) to be used with the core2. That would be neater and more compact than stacking modules, but any wired connections to micromodules would probably be more difficult than modules, units, hats and faces.
    I just don't like the fact that older modules can't easily be used with the core2 straight 'out of the box'.

  • @veryalien
    Yes, I completely agree with you, therefore my suggestion or you would have to pack the units into the adapter so that they do not get lost.

    As soon as I have them I can set a picture !

  • @felmue said in Core2 Module and extension board stacking?:

    Hello @ajb2k3

    care to share a picture?


    The link is in the Japanese facebook group along with images.

  • Hi guys

    thanks for the feedback. I received my M5Core2 today and yes, with the core2 base older modules cannot be attached/connected. However when I remove the micro module with the IMU and mic and unscrew the core2 base I can attach/connect old modules just fine. Even the battery can remain sandwiched inside although it is no longer secured and rattles around.


  • @felmue Interesting, I didn't think about taking the battery out of the core2 base holder and leaving it connected.
    I've already got a lot of older bases with built-in batteries: Battery bottom, M5Go, Node, Faces I and II. That's why I wanted to disconnect the battery from the core2 core board and instead use the battery power from those bases via the bus.

  • @veryalien There is no reason not to remove the provided battery if you are using a base with one prefitted. Based on previous post, it would probably be better no to connect the internal battery when using a battery base.

  • @ajb2k3 Obviously!

  • According to a Twitter post from M5Stack they are planning to sell us the same modules as before but in a slightly different form for the core2. Longer bus pins.

    Core2 modules

  • Hi @veryalien

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I wonder though, doesn't that mean these modules with the longer pins won't properly fit the older cores?


  • @m5stack

    So I think it would be good if m5stack solves it that way.
    between the Core 2 and the bottom comes an adapter with longer pins. Then I put the old modules and underneath the old module a base into which the micro module with mic and MPU6886 can be plugged.

    1. so I don't loose the two components of the micro module.
    2. i can use the old modules as long as they are pin compatible.
    3. i don't have to rebuild every old module as a new micro module and buy it before everything else !

  • @skink we will take this into consideration. thank you feedback.

  • @m5stack Thanks to take it into consideration.
    I received my Core2 today. Trying to plug the PLC circuit after removing the bottom seems difficult. On the left side there is a metallic thing (motor?) that push the circuit, and pin headers are really short.

    About headers, you sell SMT mount connector in your shop but I think they are 2.5mm long (like the old modules one's)? right? on the micro-module they are 3.5mm (total height 5.84).
    For makers like me, if we want to build modules prototype, where can we find compatible trough hole or SMT connectors? I search and found nothing? any ref?