M5 Calculator Project

  • I wrote a calculator for the M5Stack and the Calculator Keyboard FACE:
    I designed it to be extensible, but the structure of a calculator that behaves like you expect it to turns out to be pretty concept-heavy. I tried to include enough comments and documentation to make the project extendable.

    Whole Device

    The link above is an Arduino port of the working project: https://github.com/vkichline/BetterM5Calculator. It requires PlatformIO, but includes a battery of unit tests as well. If you want to make changes, start there. The tests let me know quickly when I broke something obscure.
    I enjoyed working on it for a couple weeks, but am ready for a break. I hope someone finds it useful.

    Status Display

  • look great!

  • @vkichline
    Very nice. I can see you spent a lot of time and thought on the implementation. Great job!

    I would give it a try, but I don’t currently have the M5Faces kit to test with. Something on my list for the future though.

  • Wow! I was looking for a pocket calculator for my twelve year old. I had an m5stack faces laying around, flashed with RunCPM, but unusable for me because of the tiny font it uses.

    So, thank you for making this available.