M5 Atom Neopixel display errors

  • I'm using the latest versions of micropython stable edition, esp32-idf3-20191220-v1.12.bin, and it seems there is a problem with the neopixel implementation on the M5 Atom.

    When I run the following program, there are random errors in the display of the pixels.

    from machine import Pin, lightsleep
    from neopixel import NeoPixel
    np = NeoPixel(Pin(27),25)
    black = (0,0,0)
    while True:


    From other places I hear this might be a problem with the power supply to the neopixel array, and might disappear if I supplied external voltage lower than 4.7V, because there is a problem with the voltage range on USB. That might work, it might not... but I wonder if there is a better solution, or a product modification, that might fix this?


  • M5Stack

    @chiefpad other places? could you share the link? we had random test some ATOM in the factory, but they all normal. you could try to use UIFlow to test it again. make sure the problem is not from the lib.

  • I also noticed randomly short blinks (on the red or blue color) random leds while data was transfered/displayed to/on matrix. But i used builtin library neopixel. There is a question:

    rgb class is independent of neopixel library or is "wrapper" to neopixel.