UIFlow - Where is the Firmware?

  • I have successfully flashed my M5Stick with basic micropython, but I realise I need a lot more than this to use the display etc. Hence my interest in trying to run UIFlow. First step is to program the firmware onto the M5Stick, nothing seems to work however many videos I watch. I am using Windows. I can run M5Burner but identifying where the the firmware files are escapes me. This should be very straightforward. Any help gratefully received.

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    @lordinchcape afrer UIFlow 1.5.2 version update ,UIFlow stop support M5Stick (SKU: K016 . gray/white color version) . you could use Arduino IDE to programing it.

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    Hey @LordInchcape are you using the original M5Stick with monochrome oled screen or m5stick V? you could check out my github for some of the extra modules you need



    I recently made some videos on this subject which may be of help to you


  • @lukasmaximus
    Thanks for your reply.
    I also have an M5Stack Fire which I use with PlatformIO / Arduino.
    One of my objectives it to also look at micropython so rather than mess with my M5Stack I am using an M5StickC.
    Is it true that M5Stick is no longer supported by UIFlow?
    I can install micropython onto M5StickC using esptool and it works but I need the additional python libraries so I can do things like "import m5stick".
    You pointed my at https://github.com/lukasmaximus89/M5Stick-C-Micropython-1.12.
    Is this what I want? I could then load them to flash through Thonny.

    The two videos you mention I have seen already, they are good thankyou.
    The first video assumes that the UIFlow firmware has already been stored to flash on the device which is the step that I am having trouble with.

    I see things like this in the many instructions/videos:-
    Note: M5Burner includes different UIFlow firmware versions from different M5Stack products
    This is not the case. There is no UIFlow firmware.
    When I run M5Burner I always get:-
    You must download this firmware before burn it.

    I have also found references in the forums to other people with the same problem.
    I suspect that I have to download the firmware from somewhere in GitHub, I have seen some of your recent posts where you point as follows:-
    Should I use this?

    Even if I decided to install UIFlow on my M5Stack Fire I would have exactly the same problem of not having any firmware accessible through M5Burner.
    Its probably just me!

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    @lordinchcape autaully you could download the firmware in the M5Burner. if you click the download btn . it can't start download or just refresh once. you had batter to check if you already put the software to your app list( i guess you are used MacOS right? and check if have firewall or other reason effect the M5Burner work. ) the M5Stick has been stop firmware update long time. so maybe UIFlow can't support it in the future.

  • @m5stack
    Thanks. I am using Windows 10.
    Have just discovered M5Burner-Beta from m5stack.com. At last this appears to be functional. I have successfully burned UIFlow firmware
    So this gives me something to start with.

  • @lukasmaximus
    Hi. I just replayed the first video you mentioned and yes this is very helpful. You clearly state in this video how I can find the additional modules I need to add to the basic micropython to support the M5Stick. I much prefer to program at the low level python level rather than use something like UIFlow.
    Thanks again for your help.