Support for node

  • Hi all,
    just received a node bases and i was wondering if there is some plan tu support that bases on UIFlow.
    I tried without any luck to use:

    • RGB : supported only 10 of 12 leds
    • DHT12: env unit can't work because require also BMP280 or fail )
    • IR: Can't use as unit because mapped on different pins
      Of course i don't expect to use WM8978 via UIFlow, but at least the most common components mentioned above

  • the RGB control : you can add a RGB LED Unit function.

    then change the pin seting and RGB total number like below:

    neopixel0 = unit.get (unit.NEOPIXEL, (Signal_pin,), LED_total_numbe)

    the DHT12: you can use the I2C function, to read the seosor data, in the UIflow navigation demo option already provide example.

    the IR control : you can add a IR Unit function. then change the pin seting like below:

    ir1 = unit.get(unit.IR, (Trasmiter_pin, receive_pin))

  • thanks, is clear.
    Only one question|:
    Which demo you refer to?

  • @ecasti the DHT12 demo:


  • @m5stack said in Support for node:


    I'm using Desktop version and not all demos are there,
    anyway i found that on the online version,
    thanks a lot

  • @ecasti ok. the desktop IDE will update the demo program in next version