how to detect faulty device

  • since some hours the m5stack does not upload any files anymore, ok, the error is 500 so possibly on the server side, but there is so much odd behavior (constant rebooting sometimes) that I want to test the device, before replacing.
    Also I lack tips how to take the PM25 sensor to another M5stack, it already falls apart on one side, the other sees no screws.

  • @efried The PM2.5 should carefull pull off.
    There are only 2 servers so connections over weekends can be unstable

  • ok, that's interesting, I thought it is a commercial service.
    regarding system architecture, I hope the M5 stack communicates directly with the server defined in urequest?
    The new urequest implementation might by buggy.

  • @efried could it be that after 6 urequest transmissions, the ENOMEM problem occurs?
    Siince this is urgent, I'm asking kindly the m5stack team to react.

  • Now the m5stack is dead and I took the white one instead for the Pm25 module. The first attempt was not entirely successful since JSON was sent as field Nr. 0 in an array... Only after updating to UIFlow 1.4.3 it works as expected - let's see if the ENOMEM error will come back...