RoverC and JoyC

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    @pictavius The following operations can restore the device to normal: 1. Short the BAT to GND. 2. Insert the USB cable. 3. After the screen is lit, stop shorting and USB continues to charge the device.

  • @mati I wrote a short article and created a youtube vid on how to make them talk to each other. for write up, and youtube vid is here:

  • Can anyone share UIFlow program who makes JoyC communicate with RoverC ?
    I would be very gratefull.

  • @pictavius I don't have the Joyc only the joystick hat.
    Code to communicate and control RoverC with UIFlow is comming

  • @ Pictavius
    For charging Rover C as well as Joy C the M5StickC must be installed. Then the switches on Rover C and Joy C are switched on. Then connect the USB cable to the M5StickC and start the charging process!
    At Rover C you can see the charging current and voltage on the screen of the M5StickC.
    On Joy C this display is unfortunately missing, but through my USB charge controller I can also see when Joy C is full.
    Here is a picture with charge control on the USB port.


  • @ firehopper,
    The button you have to press on M5Stick C is this one, see picture !

  • I've got a related question to the RoverC and JoyC and charging the built-in batteries.

    Am I correct in assuming the external cells are connected in parallel with the internal cells in the M5StickC?

    Would that not create an unsafe situation when one of the cells is charged fully while the other is depleted and then connected together? The two cells would then balance at a very high current that may be too high (especially for the small 80mah internal cell)?

    Asking this because the charging circuit documentation is still not released, and for all I know the AXP supports only a single cell so they must be connected in parallel somehow.

    Also, another concern I have is that the code of the RoverC instructs the AXP192 to up the charging current to 600ma, but it seems like it will also do this when it isn't connected to the RoverC at all, which means the internal cell would be charged way too quickly.

  • @elliot Thank you! This is exactly what I needed.

    I'm just baffled that the product isn't properly documented. How is anyone supposed to figure all that out???

  • @jessevl its no different than plugging in the USB cable to charge the stickC. there should not be any concern.

  • I have a few related questions. All are related to charging the M5StickC, JoyC and RoverC and their drain during use. Given that RoverC and JoyC need an M5Stick to be connected to be charged and all have the devices have batteries in them and the batteries in each set (M5StickC paired with either JoyC or RoverC) differ in capacity. How Do We know:

    1. State of Charge of the batteries in either set?
    2. When To disconnect the charger? (batteries fully charged) and
    3. Which of the two batteries in each set is being drained during use( M5Stick's or Hat's)?