Reset boot freezes after beep and half logo display

  • Hi, just received the M5Stack Fire and a heap of addons. I have been using the UiFLOW for the past 3 hours and go many demos going quickly. Was building a 3 button timer and display for a project Im working on - great progress.

    After using the device for a few more hours it has now locked up after a download. When doing a reset, it beeps and shows the bottom half of the "FLOW" logo then stops - freezes.

    The only thing I can do is press reset and the same thing happens.

    I try to connect via UiFLOW and it connects, then several seconds later is disconnected - with a bottom half "FLOW" logo.

    Just starting out on the M5Stack - any way to recover from this?

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    @stuartt erase flash , then reburn the uiflow firmware

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    Hi @StuartT there is some bug where the code did not upload completely to your device and caused a glitch. As @m5stack said you need to erase and reflash it, you can do so with the M5burner software, or clicking firmware burner on the top bar of Uiflow desktop version. After that you can erase and choose the firmware which you want to upload. If you are on Linux maybe better to use esptool to erase

  • I had similar problems, here you find my way for solving these

    I made a hour counter using UI-Flow. When i test it using the run button of UI-Flow it works fine, but when i try downloading the program to the m5stack it also freezes.

    After adding more program code, the testing also fails because the py-code where re-sorted by UI-Flow and some procedures where located at the end and are not reachable for the main loop. After manually sorting the procedures in a correct order the program runs fine again but downloading is again not possible.

    The cause of this behaviour is that UI-Flow stores the complete blockly-file (.m5f-file-type) in addition to the py-code to the m5stack. Therefore i used vs-code to transfer the py-code directly to the m5stack without the blockly-file and the program runs.

    My conclusions for big programs:

    1. they will be resorted by UI-Flow in a unexpected manner
    2. they can't download with UI-Flow, i belive the cause is located in a memory limitation
    3. but they can be transferred by using vs-code, to do this see also the m5stack video: