Easy way to destroy an M5 stack

  • The right button on one of my M5s was shifted so only 1/2 the button was showing. I couldn't move it into place because some tape or glue was holding it. I should have contacted M5Stack at this point, but I didn't want to wait for a reply on this forum and I thought it would be easy to take the two screws off the back and re-seat the buttons.

    I lifted the speaker out, then I thought I could push the board to the side to get it to lift out over the plastic notch. I ended up ripping the ribbon off the solder pads :( I had probably weakened the ribbon by lifting the board up several times trying to get the buttons in place without removing the board out completely.

    Has anyone seen any instructions on how to remove the main board? I totally failed here :( I'm guessing there's a trick to pull the board over to one side so the board clears the notch, then lift it straight up. I thought I had it by removing the speaker first, but maybe by that time I had weakened the ribbon too much.

  • We do not recommend that users attempt to disassemble the device themselves, it will break the glass maybe.

  • Usually shipping to China isn't cost effective for us in Canada.

    I think you have answered my questions. There is no video to disassemble it. If I ever receive another broken unit, I'll contact you to see how you want to handle it.