I am using M5Stack with Windows 10 - 64 bit on 3 different systems and M5Stack works fine on all. No issues.

On one machine originally the drivers did not install correctly - though it wasn't obvious at the time.

To check driver installation worked correctly:

Dis-connect M5Stack from PC if connected. Turn up PC volume. Open device manager. Connect M5Stack using USB cable.... once M5Stack is connected, you should hear a Windows sound - "bing""- and now in the device manager a new item should magically appear called "Ports” Click on it – it should show the Silicon Labs driver listed.

If not , you need to re-install the driver - make sure Python is on your Windows path. You can verify the path is working by opening command prompt and typing - python.

Are these files (below) available after you have Python installed and after you run get.exe ? They should be.