Mini Hackathon Episode #2

  • Dear All,

    It's always excited to give you tours on the latest 'M5 Mini Hackthon' competition. Some of you might not know much about the competition. so I'd like to have a brief introduction before we get into some details.
    'M5 Mini Hackthon' is organized by R&D department of M5 , and it is an inner event for R&D department as well.

    1, For every competition, we will have a Topic or theme,for this time is ‘ IoT in Security and Protection system'. The topic will be released a few hours before the competition started.

    2, Engineers from R&D department will be separated into different groups randomly, they never know who they gonna end up with until the competition started.

    3, M5 product is permitted, structure component is permitted, smart device like cell phone or ipad is permitted. Any tool placed in the work area is available to use, include laser cutting machine, aluminium profile cutting machine, drill machine and so on.

    4, Duration time is 2 hours. Within 2 hours,every team have to finish every step of the way to take their final product to the presentation section, include inner discussion, process plan, coding, enclosure design, testing, presentation preparing...

    5, Presentation and demonstration. Every team have 10 minutes of presentation time to give everybody a introduction of the birth of the product they just create

    6, Evaluation standard. 1) Producibility and market demand 2) Practicability and innovation 3) The look 4) Complexity

    Now lets take a look at what kind of the brainstorming ideas showed up in this 'M5 Mini Hackathon'

    Topic : IoT in Security and Protection system

    Team #1 : M5 Security system

    • All M5 controller is connected via MQTT,3 M5 controller are used in the demostration.

    • Device 1 : M5stack Basic black controller act as a terminal device. Could be placed anywhere, could be duplicate to more devices. The function of the terminal devices:
      1)Once it received the opening door request send by device 2, open the door remotely. 2) Alarm , once it receive security alarm from device 3, alarm mode would be triggered , the speak and LED bar would run the alarm. 3)Fetch and display the environment data or the door status on the screen.

    • Device 2: M5Stick-C + RFID + Servo(simulate the door status), this combination is placed outside the door. RFID for card recognition and entrance . If somebody forget the entrance card, he can press the button on Stick-C to sent the request to Device 1.

    • Device 3: M5Stick-C + PIR +LIGHT . This combination is placed inside the office and right close to the door. When PIR captured the somebody walking toward to door, open the door automatically. LIGHT unit is for detection daytime and night to make sure the controller is running the correct mode. because you don't want anybody get out of the door when someone break in at late night .So when it is night mode, instead of opening the door, whenever the PIR detected somebody was in the office, set up the alarm. That how we detected somebody break in the office at night.

    Team #2 : Criminal Ass Kicking Sticker
    Inspired by this video: Dump Crimial

    • The sticker could be placed wherever needs to be protected like a draw storing important material, a safe box, shelves in warehouse, even could be stick on windows or doors.

    • We use IMU inside M5stick-C to detect vibration. Anybody who is trying to get something, a vibration would be detected.

    • Safe box for example, the normal routine should be like this , first , fingerprint detection , pass , the system would give you a one minutes authority to open the box and to get stuff you need. if one minutes passed , you have to get the authority again by input your fingerprint. If the vibration is detected before the fingerprint capture, or the fingerprint identification failed. The Alarm system Would be triggered.

    • When entered alarm mode, means someone not belongs to the company was trying to open up the safe box or draw. then device would sent the shutting door command to the other device close to the door. and would use SIM800L to text somebody or call the police. Thus we can lock the criminals to the office, and win time for police officers.

    Team #3 : Indoor environment supervisor system

    • Air quality detection: Use gas sensor to detect the indoor gas quality, turn on and off the exhaust air system when the value of gas quality is under or over than a threshold value.

    • Constant temperature: similar way as above, keep the indoor environment at a constant level.

    • Alarm system : Use fire alarm sensor to prevent fire disaster.

    Team #4: Fire Alarm system
    M5 + FLIR + Servo

    • M5 + FLIR to get thermal information, and based on the thermal image, we can analysis for fire prevention.

    • Servo is used for rotate the FLIR camera to full angle. That product can be used in warehouse Fire prevention.

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