M5Camera Firmware request.

  • Can the firmware for the camera be modified to match that of the core and stick ie
    You connect to the camera normally but when you load the page it gives you the option to load the stream or connect to an existing network.

  • M5Stack

    Do you mean to suggest a function on uiflow that would show the camera stream when pressed?

  • @lukasmaximus
    No, not a UIFlow option, just a general firmware option.
    Sorry that was my fifth attempt trying to describe the idea.

    At the moment, the default firmware requires you to disconnect from the wifi network and connect to the wifi access point created by the camera.
    where as you connect to the core and stick and tell them to connect to a local network an option not available on the camera.
    Having the option to get the camera to an existing network (without having to recompile the code and program) will make it an IP camera and increase its usability.

    I hope this attempt to describe the issue is better.

  • Because each person's wifi account password is different, if want use one firmware to connect different wifi, it difficult

  • @heybin I’m sorry, I don’t understand why when you have it working for the stick and the stack. Looks like it’s time for M5Stack to build a UIFLOW port of the firmware for the camera. If you build it from the sicks firmware then half the work is done for you!