M5Stack RS485 Base and Unit

  • I purchased several Atom S3 Lite for various projects.

    The Isolated RS485 Unit (SKU: U094) looks like the safest option, since it provides galvanic isolation between RS485 and the Atom S3 Lite.

    However, for a better mechanical integration, the ATOMIC RS485 Base (SKU: A131) would be more appropriate, as the Atom S3 Lite could simply plug in directly, without having to hang as a separate thing with a cable in the case of the SKU 094 / RS485 Unit.

    However, it seems to me that the ATOMIC RS485 Base is NOT isolated.

    Or am I missing something ?

  • Hello @luckylinux

    correct, the Atomic RS485 Base is not isolated. See schematic here.

    Compared to Isolated RS485 Unit which uses the CA-IS3082W IC - schematic here.