Add full USB access support through web-version UIFlow, instead of console USB access

  • Since old version of UIFlow Desktop IDE have deprecated, newer Sensor or Units, even newer M5 devices are unable to dev or use through pure USB access.

    We know M5Stack Official have announced and released Self-Hosted version of UIFlow Local Server, but both this Local Server version or web version at are the same, which only able to connect USB via Terminal (Beta) with lack of functionality compared to Network dev version. It's really really really inconvenient when use in class or bad network environment which can not use web dev versions.

    Such like file manager or image manager, not only send/get but unable to pass to specific path (like to under 'res'), not intuitive enough interface which need to use terminal to upload/test codes, instead of originally simply run button or download button, made students much harder to understand/remember how to use them, even make teachers much headache about these stuffs.

    Please add back USB dev support through web interface with full functionalty like original network-dev, or like old UIFlow Desktop IDE did, else it really make less people/schools wanna use it at class or make as first try, even for students who's new to M5Stack. May also add back these stuffs in Local Server version if possible, please. Thanks.

  • UIFlow through usb is not the problem of M5Stack it is the problem of the web browser creators. Usb over web is considered a security risk and not actively supported on most browsers.

    There is talk of a new desktop version coming real soon as a video of it was on Twitter