Blynk module in IoTCloud section does not work

  • Core 2, Tough, Core2 (AWS set) with firmware 1.13.1 and UIFlow 1.13.1 is not working with actual version of Blynk platform introduced by Blynk in 2022 (version 2).
    Problem occured when new Blynk version (2.0) was introduced and new way of logging to Blynk platform was announced.
    Blynk steped in version 2.0 and it seems that UIFlow by M5Stack and M5Stack firmware did not follow with updates and stucked with old Blynk legacy version (1.x) ...

    Please let us know if you will develop update or shall we skip to wait for working Blynk module in UI Flow.


  • @tapm I think the person that developed the Blynk code left and so it hasn't changed. If you want to try and fix it have a go.

  • Hello,

    I will try (have some already working prototype in pure Micropython), but have no idea how to get into the Blynk UIFlow source code (bricks related to Blynk).