Issues with program "run" in UIflow 2.0

  • Hey all! New to the m5stack world.

    Was able to upload UIflow 2.0 from the burner program. I'm having upload issues with Uiflow 2.0 web app though. Seems more of a UIflow 2.0 issue than a usb driver issue. Tried uploading sketches from arduino ide and all worked fine.

    Had 1 success with a custom sketch upload, but now I'm unable to proceed with other uploads. Either shows a memory error, or no reaction at all after pressing "run" button. Using atom s3 and core s3. Same issue with both. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • What browser are you using. I have found that only Chrome works 100%. Of course, if the device is rebooting, you'll get errors.

  • use M5 burner to ERASE and return the firmware afterputting Atom/S3 into boot mode

  • @thefearface Lol. So it turns out changing which usb connection the cable was placed in fixed the issue. Everything works now with Uiflow. Weird. Thanks for the replies!