AtomS3: No serial data received.

  • Hello,

    My AtomS3 appears unresponsive after attempting to upload my first project. Now, every attempt to connect results in "A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to Espressif device: No serial data received." The device shows a blank screen and doesn't respond.

    Is there a way to perform a hardware-based factory reset using the buttons on the device?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hello @M_Bison

    check the yellow section in Description from the M5AtomS3 documentation.

    Reminder: If you need to burn the firmware, please press and hold the reset button (about 2 seconds) until the internal green LED lights up, then you can release it, at this time the device has entered download mode and waited for burning.


  • Felmue, you genius you,

    THANK YOU! Newbie high-five.