M5cardputer com is reading it as DFROBOT-Beetle

  • Very novice when it somes to arduino and m5stack.

    Everytime I connect my m5cardputer into ardunio, the com is reading it as a esp32 C3 DFRobot Beetle, instead of what is m5cardputer esp32 S3.

    I've Uninstaller adruino com ports, esp tool reads it as an esp32-s3, but for some annoying reason it will not read that on arduino?

  • @coolman626 This is sadly a confusing aspect of Arduino IDE V2...a "feature" that guesses your board as a "convenience" and it's always wrong.

    In the search box start typing M5Stack until you see your board!
    0_1703724131330_Screenshot 2023-12-27 at 7.41.31 PM.png

    Really no big deal!

  • I agree with @teastain the 'Guess the Board" function of Arduino often gets the guess wrong.

  • I don't know if that solved your issue, but if you havent done so yet, you have to install the M5 Board Manager in the Arudino IDE board manager settings or M5 units will not appear in the board list.
    Go to this page and follow the steps for your operating system: M5 Stack Cardputer How to Article

    By the way, I ordered my cardputer today and when it arrives I will create some wall mount models for 3d printing. Watch the projects page. I already have some nice M5Stack wall mounts and travel cases up there. :)